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Additionally, one of the biggest expenses for any vacation is transportation. Flight costs vary wildly depending on where you’re flying to and from.

Because we couldn’t find a consistent way to apply airfares across the globe, we decided to leave them out entirely.

Prague is the most affordable European destination, although it barely cracks the top 35 overall.

No destination in the United States is ranked higher than 74th.

We added an extra 10% to both, just to be on the safe side.

Prices for accommodations were also a major factor in our rankings.

Keep this in mind before settling on a destination for your next vacation.

So, with dozens of variables at play, how can anybody accurately compare the cheapest travel destinations in the world? To accurately measure the cost of each location, we needed to create a methodology which ensured that each destination stood on relatively equal footing.

So, we focused our efforts on factors that were universal, controllable, and useful.