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Okay, okay, I’m disputing definitions, and his meaning is crystal clear, but it bothers me.A more serious objection: the battle narratives consistently go into great detail about each side’s maneuvers–bearings, ranges, position to obscure landmarks.(Really, this needs a plot in CIC.) Now the thing is: this doesn’t matter.I don’t really need to know the exact position of every ship; I need to have an idea of the range, and which side is trying to hold it open or close. After reading his account of Jutland, I really couldn’t tell you where Horns Reef is…but I get that it was a path back to the Jade, that both sides knew this, and that Jellicoe tried to cover it but wasn’t sure of the relative position.This is the bi-weekly visible open thread (there are also hidden open threads twice a week you can reach through the Open Thread tab on the top of the page).Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever.

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So in lieu of a Comment of the Week, read lunaranus’ summary of Civilization and Capitalism on the subreddit.I’ve been reading a bunch lately, and I’m going to post a couple book reviews. Book Review – Castles of Steel Source: saw it in a used book store and decided I needed more battleships in my life.This is a story about a series of WW1 naval leaders and what they did with their ships.Churchill was a meddling amateur; Jellicoe a suffering saint; Fisher brilliant but weak to Churchill; Louis a cruelly used man. I read his evidence, and he seems right, but of course he does; that’s why he used the evidence he did.

I’m not qualified to say what he’s leaving out–if anything. I think the book’s better for it; the story is clear and we feel more engaged because we see the leadership and have a position on it.There’s relatively little technology–some discussions of coal vs oil, the importance of damage control and gun directors, and a surprisingly long section of submarines–but this is mostly about Churchill and Jellicoe and Fisher and their German counterparts and how they decided what to do.

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