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11-Apr-2020 15:08

Finding alternate ways to meet mates certainly isn’t a new idea.

Personal ads have been around for over 300 years in different forms and variations.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, “matrimonial agencies” were often called upon to deftly and confidentially assist bachelors and old maids over the age of 21 to help with the shameful problem of singledom.

These agencies collected correspondence from hopeful ladies and gents and relayed them to prospective matches, preferably resulting in a marriage.

These advertisements didn’t always lead to happy endings, unfortunately.

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Some men quite happily supplied their names and contact information for women hoping to propose: You can see here in this April 06, 1908 issue of The Coos Bay Times that some newspapers published lists of all the eligible bachelors in the surrounding towns in order to give the all single ladies a chance to hunt them down and offer up a proposal of marriage.

The Morning Oregonian from November 24, 1903 tells the sad story of a tailor, waiting fruitlessly for his paramour to appear.

Of course there have always been those particular youth who are bolder and more independent than their peers.

Historically, February 29th, the extra day in the Gregorian calendar every four years, has informally given special privileges to marriage-minded women.

According to English Law, the day was “leaped over” and carried no legal status with it.¹ It was generally assumed that traditions also held no merit on the day.Although it was certainly useful to ask a matrimonial agency for help, it was also quite embarrassing and not something a respectable couple would outline in their marriage announcement.