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16-Oct-2020 15:08

I never know what to say in these, so if you would like to start a conversation with me please drop me a note.I`m a Hungarian girl but was born in the US, I`m actually dual citizen.I am looking for a "good guy" who is respectful of women and can talk about a variety of subjects. I woulnd't normally think to put an 'advertisement' for myself up on the internet, but it seems you have to be a member to e-mail people who have ads!I've had a ton of bad relationships, the most recent of which just ended.Our site allows you access every feature with no credit card required or even signing up.

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I'm not ready to jump I like to be spontaneous, I have a great sense of humor.I`ll add a picture soon.i`m going to Hungary to visit for some time, I`m not sure when I`ll be back yet.Hi - I'm a well educated (BA, MA, working on my Ph D), single female, from Fargo.Are you tired of joining dating sites only to be pushed into paying just to talk to the other members? You can see and communicate with every one of the hundreds of thousands of singles in the Cyber Dating Network totally free.

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Our site has always been totally free and always will be; you can bank on it!I'm not into the party-hopping scene and I'm not a smoker.