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[Opus] 48/50: the Name: Goliath #67 @16209 Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 RE: de sausage king of Chicago is Abe Froehman. Well, for one thing, he wasn't IN the yearbook, and his mom told them that (while pinned to the kitchen table). The warrant specicied "COMPUTER EQUIPMENT", which they took. Name: Astro #402 Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 RE: I'd Using outdials and doing exchange scans. I respectfully request that all users find the time to add a few more posts out there. New users, hackers, pirates, PD users, posters, squids - all are welcome as long as they follow our rules for the board and help make it a good place to call. We will never lock out a good user - and that definition is fairly subjective but does have guidlines. I thought that he just hid everything, and nothing happened to toad? I will ask a person I know on another board about warrants and such and see what he says and get back to you... TWK (The Obtainig private records and Files also includes hacking MCI codes) 10/50: Actually Name: Madman #56 Date: Tue Sep 24 1991 RE: All I've got to say about hacking... New users, hackers, pirates, PD users, posters, squids - all are welcome as long as they follow our rules for the board and help make it a good place to call. We will never lock out a good user - and that definition is fairly subjective but does have guidlines. Name: Bluejay Bandit #183 Date: Wed Sep 25 1991 but why are all the people that are getting busted NSA members??? I KNOW the story behind Don Moore, so thats about the only case I can honestly say I know first hand. (Sorry that I don't play too many on-line games, but I'm not much of a video game-aholic! (hehehe...) 15/50: well Name: Full Moon #12 Date: Wed Sep 25 1991 it is fun to rip on a close minded individual. I think that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so unless someone isproven to have done stuff like board-crashing, they should be allowed to stay on the board. On other than the 13th day of any month, the virus will add its viral code to the end of the candidate file, increasing the file's length by 939 bytes. The activation involves damaging the files that it infects based on the current seconds in the system time. COM file, the virus will damage the file in one of three ways.

Name: Astro #402 Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 RE: We will leave it intact, or at least I will. As for infractions on their part, illegal search and seizure, harrassment, deformation of character, destruction of priv. As it seems, since "The Great Purge", the message bases have dropped down in activity. We will never lock anyone out because of what they claim to be or not be in the computer world. Astro, thought, has indicated that it had to with things releated to finding and using phone numbers connected to computers - hacking type things. I am keeping/capturing all message off Cardboard Box and other places and after awhile will put them in order so all can see it..tuned for more... Name: Two Wheel Demon #30 Date: Tue Sep 24 1991 RE: Yea... that sounds a bit much...maybe a good lawyer would be in order. I know what goes on, in fact I used to be with a group at one time (Big deal, it suxed too) Black Boxes, Phreaking, ect: All I can say, is uhm, well expect a cop knocking on your door before you log off.. We will never lock anyone out because of what they claim to be or not be in the computer world. The kind of hacking that bothers me is when people find it amusing to destroy other people's systems, start bad viruses, etc.. If you have read this far then you know what the story don't know who is in trouble, then you weren't paying attention cause his initial post started this all (along with Toad's). The current directory is searched first, and then the directories along the system path. COM file is found that satisfies the length requirement, the virus will infect it.

On half the boards running Vi Si ON, Ymodem-G is installed wrong. This includes: :~ Private G-Files from the G-File section Good for _: Lists of credit-card or calling-card numbers blackmail : Pirate files : His dialing directories from Telemate or Telix; these usually : contain passwords and numbers of private BBS's! EXE along with the rest of the files, run it, and permanently destroy all data on his drive. You may edit and words you deem offensive out, but please leave the content of the message intact. And I see no reason for that kind of destructive behavior. ~~~\/BUGS 42/50: I'd Name: Bugs #24 Date: Sun Sep 22 1991 RE: ... If they are searching for, say, cocaine, then if they find plastic explosives, they have to get another warrant to seize it. Name: Damaged #303 Date: Sun Sep 22 1991 RE: I have no respect... Programs which are less than 1,277 Bytes in length will not be infected. When the system time is between 10AM and 11AM, the virus will turn on the system speaker and send a 61h to it.

If you start a Ymodem-G transfer the sysop's side will mess up and NOT start sending you data. : If he is of age and has a job, you might be able to leach some : PRIVATE information! This is generally not recommended, because so far he has NO WAY of knowing you were in unless he watched. Thank You.: The Phoenix Police Department/Federal Beareu of Investigations and many other "reputable" organizations have conducted an etrosity upon the community. Name: Bugs #24 Date: Sun Sep 22 1991 RE: Actually for hackers. Anyone who knows please correct or dispute my assertions. Name: Full Moon #12 Date: Sun Sep 22 1991 first off, yeah the fbi does waste its time on bullshit..... second, piracy is something that is incredibly minor to federals, at least for the time being, and hacking and phreaking take priority for obvious reasons. thank you, and please keep your fish out of the ceiling. At any other time, the virus will not attempt to use the system speaker. Copywrite ©1989 by Lubo & Ian, Sofia, USM Laboratory." Systems infected by the Murphy Virus may also experience system hangs when the virus attempts to infect . Known variant(s) of the Murphy Virus are: Murphy-2 or V1521 - Similar to the Murphy Virus, its length is 1,521 Bytes.

You wlil be in a nice little paralized, blank screen, no promt mode once you get out of Ymodem-G. When you hang up and call again, it will log you into your account RIGHT when you connect. It does not happen if the Ymodem-G transfer goes well. --------- Tips: --------- a) In the target's logs, nothing will show except that you hit 'U' when you were online and quit before the upload started. Name: Irie Man #3 @16209 Date: Sun Sep 22 1991 Do Not Call The Love Connection! They have confiscated many numerous items not pertaining to the investigation being conducted. Only because I can't think of anything else to say. in fact, i havent seen any pirate boards go down, with the exception of really big ones in florida and missouri. 45/50: isn't Name: The Rush #590 Date: Sun Sep 22 1991 it instead of taking whatever is on the list, taking every piece of computer equipment that a person owns who may be caught and then the officer or whoever is seizing the equipment has to make a list of whatever they're taking? The following text message is contained within the Murphy Virus, giving an idea of when it was written and by whom, though they are not displayed: "Hello, I'm Murphy. The non-displayed messages in the virus are now: "It's me - Murphy. Instead of turning the system speaker on between 10AM and 11AM, this variant waits for the system time to have the minutes set to 00, then it may have a "bouncing ball" effect similar to several other viruses.

This isn't just an error with YOUR protocols as some of you might be saying now; I have done it from other people's houses, different setups, etc and ran Vi Si ON myself. This is virtually always overlooked, and logs more than two days old are usually deleted. start of phile : ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? They have trashed/slashed/stolen many things that have NOTHING to do with computer equipment whatsoever. What does a high school diploma, yearbook, and college acceptance certificate have to do with computer conspiracy?!?! Except that the last two days were uncalled for and total bullshit! most hacker/phreaker type don't play the pirate game anyway. Copywrite ©1990 by Lubo & Ian, Sofia, USM Laboratory." The Murphy-2 will infect any . This effect does not, however, occur on all systems.

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If you choose to use this textphile to do a boo-boo then don't blame us! C, Tym Phactor, Phantasm DISTRIBUTION : Stealth Technologies (504-PRI-VATE) Sysop : Dr. Name: Bluejay Bandit #183 Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 and that virus. Corrupted programs will not have a file length increase.

The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Name: Opus #121 @16209 Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 RE: ... Sorry, I'm just feeling a little superior tonight... as long as they do not break the rules, we do not mind their presence. Someone who posts interesting and provocative messages within the guidelines we have set (like you Bugs). He told someone that he was gonna take down the system with standard user accounts. There is no evidence which connects him to the VAX going down, but ASU, HONEYWELL, HP, and the FBI figure the "brag" was sufficient evidence... Name: Astro #402 Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 RE: Seizures During Searches ALSO, if they find, say, computer disks, they ARE NOT allowed to use them or even do a directory on them. If the police find a video tape of you molesting 6 year olds, that is not valid evidence for they are not allowed to view it... Freedom to call, you don't want to read their stuff, don't, and besides, they have helped us fill in holes to keep other's out. Someone who posts interesting and provocative messages within the guidelines we have set (like you Bugs). But, the ones I do NOT support are the ones that delete data or crash software. " Name: The Crazy Zonie #368 Date: Wed Sep 25 1991 Hehehe... ) Anyhow, I normally try to get the whole story before I act! wouldn't the conviction be null and void after his 18th birthday, he is a minor now and once he becomnes an adult I don't beleive they could prosecute him. I agree with Madman's policy, and I enjoy being an active user of this board! Later when the program is executed, it may perform rather strangely be destructive. If the current seconds was greater than 30/100's, but less than 60/100's, two INT 19 calls are placed at the beginning of the file.

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