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20-Feb-2020 04:16

They are usually based on unrepresentative samples or stereotypes and are espoused by so-called experts who have enough credibility with the general public to be believed.Thankfully the Gerry Springer's of the world are becoming more of a comedy act than truth sayers.There is absolutely no tolerance for pedophiles in the ageplay community as in a similar vain there is no tolerance for abuse in the BDSM community.Don't mistake an ageplayers interest in child like things, games, clothes, shoes, colouring, etc for interest in real children.Certainly, as in all communities, be them the BDSM, the local church, school, police, government, etc part of communities, there likely is a percentage of ageplayers that are pedophiles.To deny that would be complete silliness, however, ageplayers are usually strong and out spoken advocates against child abuse of any form not just sexual but mental and emotional abuse too.

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For this discussion, I will define a myth as "any unscientific account, theory or belief" (source: Webster's New World Dictionary).In my opinion, to say that ageplay must involve a D/s relationship is a mistake.

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