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01-Jul-2020 15:36

They also found abundant evidence of drug use that is normally associated with Shamanism.

That last bit of information puts us on the right track: Pyramids, Shamanism: Only one people in the Americas combine those two - The Olmec.

Conventionally, it is believed that these people reached Australia almost 60,000 years ago, and reached the Americas some 50,000 years ago.There appears to have been no war: Conflict and war are the normal impetuses for congregating in cities so as to have a common defense.There was no pottery: only gourds (vessels made of the dried shells of Melons, Pumpkins etc.) Mastering pottery making is a normal stage in a culture’s development.The largest pyramid of Caral is Pirámide Mayor; which is 450 ft. Evidence suggests that the pyramids were built by stuffing reed bags filled with stones gathered from hillside quarry’s and riverbanks against a retaining wall.

This process was repeated until the mound had reached the desired dimensions and height.Stepping back, and combining this information with data gleaned from other American civilizations, then looking at the whole world picture: We realize that Norte Chico is simply the last stop for the ancient East Africans who began their migrations some 50,000 years ago: They went up through Nubia (Sudan) – and they built pyramids, through Egypt – and built pyramids, through Sumer (Iraq) – and built pyramid-like Ziggarats, through Elam (Iran) – and built pyramid-like Ziggarats, through China – and built pyramids, through North America - and built pyramid-like mounds, through Mesoamerica – and built pyramids, until they had completely spanned the globe and taught pyramid building in South America.