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Headed towards Chiswick, there to call first on Julia Elton (Elton Engineering Books).

(to mark the 150th anniversary of Marc Isambard Brunel’s Thames Tunnel).

Our various researches overlap to a certain extent – engineers both made and needed maps, and mapmakers like William Faden were active members of the Smeatonian Society of Civil Engineers in the eighteenth century (Julia is an Honorary Member now).

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So you would be forgiven if it appeared the Australian Defence Force was still orientated towards all things European.

The sort of shop every high street should have – crammed with goodness, books you would like to own in every corner.

But the fact that so few high streets do is testament to the amount of unremitting work required to make this sort of shop work – let alone make it look easy, as Stephen does both here and in the Bell Street shop in Marylebone.

Campbell understands that operations far away tend to be ones of choice, while those closer to shore potentially present greater challenges for the nation.

Later this year, the ADF will assist with the APEC Forum in Port Moresby.

Quickly scoop up a Betjeman, a Milne and an Aldous Huxley.