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The articles mentioned in this account, including the marginal list, comprise practi- cally all the goods imported by Herakleides for Apolionios with a few additional things. xep is written as a monogram; so also xe X in line B2. The writer has forgotten to cancel the x in line 34 and seems by mistake to have struck out the x in line 35 .

The Siaxoatzalrf (for the form, compare iszpzxoaiaa U in no. 59012, which I have conjectured to be the local harbour dues. etn Xotos : possibly a tax for the upkeep of the Alexandrian light-house (see introd.

IV, V, VI and VII of the Society’s publications (referred to in the fol- lowing pages as P. Our own collection has been formed gradually; it is now larger than any of those already mentioned; and, even as I write, one or two pieces have come into our possession just too late to be inserted in their chronological place among the texts here printed. The remaining figures ought then to be the difference between the rsl jx- ? The real difference, however, is not aj-c but yy c.

The relations between antiquity-dealers and the Antiquities Department are not always cordial; but in the present case I have much pleasure in acknowledging that it was by the active aid of Mr. Nahman that the greater part of our collection was acquired. Nevertheless I think that the figures relate in some way to the duty on wool.

And few of the dated fragments are so insignificant as not to add something to our knowledge on some point or other. [ pvpoy po S[ x a[ n ao Av Tt As[o]v T[t $wp [ t Tcopa .

The dates of the papyri are converted into dates on the Julian calendar in accordance with the system followed in my articles in the Annales and confirmed by the researches of Beloch (,) .

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Most fortunately Zenon brought with him the papers which he had already amassed, and he continued to add to the pile till well into the reign of Ptolemy 111. TO.p TV «*/- c x WV TSipi TTV vg-c tovtov TSepn TV v] TSTikp TV pi S L TSTlip TV xv) Sioitv Xtov y ixanodlv a- 90 j b X(3)~ L v -c~e X(ot 7 roi S L to / bx£ Line 77.

33 7 pi Wpa.p X npoi xepapiwv £x 3 a,v(a.) — / P ngj — ftptxa Aiwv cros d.v- j p vxe ftpixakiwv pa di) i Do Aepxaibt' [ ]•[ ]• Line a.


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