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02-Jun-2020 02:27

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We needed to fight through the competitions together, and that paved the way, but it took a long time for us to trust each other again.SM: We saw a sports psychologist together, who does sports and also psych and marriage counselling.Even walking in as a 13-year-old with 21-year-old men in the room, it wasn’t really that intimidating. TV: We wanted to take this year just to be open to the whole thing, and then at the end of the year, take our bodies’ temperatures, see if we have that internal drive.

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We considered, briefly, postponing it until after the season, but whenever we take the ice we always want to be at our best, and I think the last two years, training in that pain, I haven’t felt that.

It’s great to go back because I’m just Scott there, not special, but you can see we have had an influence.