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I have been through this before with 7 others so I will play them at their own game. I said No then he wants to send you his bank act no#.

Phillips had a wife due in a car crash in London hmmmm where have I heard that before. He will talk marriage and tell you how much he loves you. I said No way would I get involved then they have break downs on the rig.

I reluctantly did a wire transfer for half the amount. I have only heard of scammers sending money, when they want you to send it elsewhere for them, which could get Your mother in law in trouble. So Derrick is a marine engineer in the Gulf of Mexico. When he first contacted me he asked for an i Tunes card. I didn’t talk to him for a day so he messaged me on Facebook and said what do you think I’m going to play with you and take money and then leave. Meanwhile I had told him I was married for 35 years but he didn’t care he was in love with me.

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He even gave me the password for the box and said he and I were the only 2 people who knew it. If I'd known about this website at that time, things wouldn't have gotten this far.Unfortunately I didn't so I agreed to his request since I thought he was taking a much bigger risk than I.The box supposedly contained money, precious stones and precious metals.If anyone has come across this name please let me know as I need to prove to her this man is fake This person I talked to has big problem in poland and he has a 25 year old daughter in cyprus university. I said no and then he screamed and I watched him get aggressive and manipulative so I blocked him and call moneygram and the police Watch out Ladies, this guy is the best! After 2 days we went to Hangouts for both text and audio phone. He lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa and has a 15 year old daughter who was being raised by a nanny since his wife's death 5 years ago.

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He uses a agent to help her to get money from Money Gram. I think this is the same guy Anonymous posted about on 2/7/2018 (see Another oil rig engineer story). Did a lot of research on him with a friend who is a highly experienced researcher: pics, email, phone, etc. I had one text conversation with "her" from a phone number that checked out OK.Just wonder how long before they declare their love...... He is suppose to be in the gulf of mexico for 2 more weeks then he is retiring. Be careful lady's he uses several different men as him so be careful and don't get caught up in their scams or you may have serious problems If you have the app Called YOU TUBE on your computer, or i Pad you can hit the search button on top and type in scammers, and they have pictures, and many different videos, for dating sites and one on the words that are used by scammers, such as my Queen, my Baby, my dear, If they want money, they usually call you HONEY.