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31-Aug-2020 21:18

It is possible to implement filtering with custom paging and sorting, however.In this article we will look at extending the custom paging and sorting example - which currently pages and sorts through the 50,000 employees in a fictional company - to include the ability to filter the displayed employees by their department. Before tackling this article make sure you have read and worked through Custom Paging in ASP.To add a method to the Table Adapter, right-click on the Table Adapter in the Data Set Designer and choose Add Query from the context menu.Choose to "Use exsiting stored procedure", select the stored procedure to invoke, indicate the type of data it returns, and then provide a name for the Table Adapter's method.Lastly we need to configure the Grid View's Object Data Source so that it uses custom paging rather than default paging. NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 and Sorting Custom Paged Results we didn't have any parameters to pass into the specified Select Method="Get Employees Subset By Department IDSorted" Type Name="Employees Table Adapters.Employees Table Adapter" Enable Paging="True" Select Count Method="Get Employees By Department Row Count" Sort Parameter Name="sort Expression" Drop Down List, the Grid View's sort expression, the current page index, and the maximum rows to retrieve.The demo available at the end of this article uses a Drop Down List to list all of the departments as well as add an "-- All Departments --" option.The data is retrieved from the ("-- All Departments --").

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For a detailed discussion on creating and working with Typed Data Sets, see Creating a Data Access Layer (VB) (C#).

This was accomplished in the previous articles through a stored procedure named ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.