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The horror was suddenly close by and palpable -- and if there is any kind of a silver lining in this horrific incident, it is this: Europe may finally be waking up from its torpor.Every day, people are dying because of the policy that refugees must first get to Europe before they can apply for asylum.Oversight and Stupidity Refugees are dying because Europe is failing. One week after the catastrophe on the A4 in Austria, another horrific image has emerged, this time of a Syrian boy lying dead on a beach.He drowned while attempting to cross the water from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos.They didn't die somewhere in the Mediterranean, but in the heart of Europe.

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She says she hasn't seen her son for quite some time, but she is of course aware that many people in the area are involved in the lucrative refugee business.In the end, during recent days at least, they get stuck at Keleti Station in Budapest where Hungarian authorities have prevented them from boarding trains to continue their journeys westward. " Those who pay particularly close attention to the calls for help are waiting outside, next to taxis and minibuses.