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I need non shooty games, but like non-gun violence is fine. D Rose, D Rose, D Rose D Rose, D Rose, D Rose, D Rose D Rose, D Rose, D Rose D Rose, D Rose, D Rose, D Rose 80 on my wrist, 100 on my wrist 80 on my ... Optional - Your Name - Displayed Publically Optional - Your Email Address - Kept Private Submit your two grassy cents on Watching Grass Grow! I use this website for the awesome music, and then only sometimes watch the grass grow. Does anyone have a list or a specific game for my new laptop? ___Hook___ 100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist 100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist 100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist 100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist. I may have had to eat worms, but god it was worth the experience.I can't imagine it seems anything out of the ordinary now (considering it's been well over a decade) but there had to have been an adjustment period. Yea, some pretty strong shadows from the Super Moon, especially with some snow still on the ground.I did get up early this morning and saw the partially eclipsed moon ... I admire your lawn and all the fun stuff you do with it!!!! ;-) Wow, looks like you got quite a bit of snow there...This is clearly very exciting, and I am now going to quote one of my favorite movies:"the world we live in. People all over the world enjoy it as you can see from the country flags below ... You are limited to 1000 characters (no HTML) and pls keep it relevant and family friendly.

I am glad to announce that we broke the comment record again in 2017!

Right now its Temperature: 47.8______F - Humidity: 28___ - Pressure: 30.05" Hg (corrected) Wind from 232______ at 9.2 MPH gusting to 20.2 - No rain/snow so far today.

G-R-A-S Radio, Where the Excitement Never Stops Growing!

someone who is unspecified in their identification has presumably been in close quarters with my Italian dish in which I the rightful possessor have longed to consume once returned to my residence but instead have provoked in a dire situation in which I am no longer able to partake in this specific event.

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each system and program app is it's own little planet of perfect. all providing services so necessary, so crucial, so unbelievably profound." This shows the wonderfulness of watching grass grow live.

Previous was 2040 in 2016, but this year the Grass Blog received a whopping 2597 posts by loyal grassers!

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- Add your own snippet from your current document location - Decide to repeat automatically some structure blocks Then the result will be for 5 rows and 1 column : - "Previous/Next file" buttons inside the main toolbar - XML Diff proposes the current XML documents - Multiple selections for the XPath history for deleting - Formatting scenario with text trimming Bugs fixed : - Error line could not appear with JDK6 - Attributes weren't lexically ordered by the content assistant - Multi-lines comments wrongly generated for the Schema documentation generator - The XSLT result wasn't always loaded - Navigator didn't open for Windows/Mac os X platforms - XSLT parameters couldn't be removed - Assigning an XSD schema could loose the default namespace - Export/Import for the XPath history added empty lines - Attribute nodes from XPath result were partially displayed - XSD document generation didn't escape characters - XSD document generation with missing some HTML parts fixed - Fixed some assistant problems with HTML and XSL-FO - Fixed formatting and XSLT problems March, the 30 th 2008 News Common : - Better result format for the search panel, the "*" value is managed for "any elements" - New menu inside the editor popup for displaying occurences of element and attribute - New menu action for displaying the current element occurences (shortcut F2) - Performance for the pretty format improved - Three formatting scenarios : Pretty, Pretty with explicit open/close, Unformat - The refactor menu item has been removed and is only available in the editor popup menu - New "attributes to element", "attribute to element", "surround", "insert element/attribute" refactoring - New "delete all the comments", "delete text inside an element" refactoring - Repeat the last refactoring action (inside the editor popup menu) - Manuel is shown with the F1 key - Ressource Browser (file/zip/ftp) content sorted - Button for changing the default directory for the file browser - Add a CSS filter when opening a text file - W3C Schema Enumeration facet is managed for the element content - The tab width can be changed inside the format menu XSL-FO Editor : - Refactoring : Rename page master name, region name XSLT Editor : - HTML assistant for an HTML output - XSL-FO assistant for an XSL-FO output Bugs fixed : - Wrong path name for the file browser under Mac OS X/Linux (missing a first '/') - Wrong path for external entity value was not notified - Schema encoding wrongly managed for the content assistant - The search panel could freeze when selecting a node of a closed document - Pretty format could loose empty text part - New project action fixed - Tree nodes couldn't be selected by the keyboard - XPath node selection was too little (for Mac OS X) March, the 03 th 2008 Version : Service Pack 1 Build : 030308 Download now News Common : - Edit Office 2007 (..) and Open office document (..) - New ZIP / FTP browser - Edit by Drag'n drop ZIP files from your file system - ZIP/FTP files can be added to a project and inside the previous file sub menu - Bookmark by XPath location or Cursor location (ctrl B) - Actions for duplicating the previous/following sibling node - Open project file (*.pre) by Drag'n drop from the file system - Default browser for Linux platforms is firefox XSLT Editor : - Profiler for XSLT 1.0 and 2.0 - XSLT with an FO result document can be transformed to PDF, RTF...… continue reading »

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