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11-Sep-2019 20:08

So my coloured sista's.....stick with ur man.....don't go changing ur colour for something els...... To me this is less a race thing than it is a guy thing. The problem is that coloured women are seen as loose by all races (black,white and indian) and thats why they dont get respect from these other races Most coloured women give it up too easy and too often and now its the guys problem for not respecting them. i live in Durban and while you will always find loose girls in any race, there are so many good, moral girls-in fact plenty that dont give it up easily. if indian men think that of coloured woman then too bad for them.There are a few good coloured women out there with some morals and values but they suer are hard to find oh puhlease! i am one of those people that dont like people to talk nonsense about Coloureds. so please dont now start agreeing with ignorant people. some of the most wonderful and even natured people are coloured girls.I have learnt the hard way that indian guys are so spoilt by their family that they would rather cut of their noses and spite their faces before they go against their parents wishes. I agree 100% with what ur saying, cause why should it always be coloured ladies changing their religion? They just wanna use us women and play us to cool....of cause who's gonna want us when they done with us. COLOURD need i say more I see why you called casinouva! Even a coloured male friend of mine was dumped last week by her parents cos he wasn't good enough.Hot spices never want us....r just waiting untill we fall in luv with them, than they'll leave us for the one they think should marry them. A good education with a degree, manners, respect wasn't good enough...Well my ex gf is indian and I must say they do treat a guy rite, however wit indian chics its totally different, everythin must be the way they want it, they like to be in control with everythin. "I'm not sayin all indian chics are crack heads jus a little craskish" But guys on a serious note every relationship has its ups and downs, no matter what race u are or what race u date... All these experiences you guys have had with Indians, dont tell me you haven't had worse with coloureds... I've got indian friends who openly admit that they use coloured women but will only ever marry an indian woman... the issue i have is chaar ou's messing with coloured chicks and then leaving them........... COLOURD need i say more True that...a lot of Indian men are not interested in marrying Coloured women and just believe that they are easy (note I said a lot and not all).

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She told me tho tht she goes to a laser hair removal every 2 months so i backed off. They can be worse than pinoys if people knew more about them. she was just some random picture in a post about Indian models.

Single Dad of 6 kids that live at the house with me and 4 kids out side the house, yes that's right 10 kids and I love everyone of them: Not looking for nothing serious just fun & sex, My favorite is...