Bodycams chat

29-Jul-2020 21:32

That pressure began with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last year, which catalyzed a national movement against police violence.

More killings made national news in the following months — Eric Garner in New York, Rekia Boyd in Chicago, Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Sandra Bland in Texas, Freddie Gray in Baltimore.

"i Tunes solved the problem of how to get music onto your mp3 player," Smith told a crowd of police chiefs in an early morning panel.

"We're solving the problem of how to get footage securely off your camera." The result is a seamless, closed system that reinforces itself with the same persistence as Apple products.

If Taser has maneuvered its way to the head of the pack, it’s done it by borrowing moves from the consumer technology world.

In a pitch repeated over and over at IACP, CEO Rick Smith compared the company's system to the closed platform between i Tunes and the i Pod.

To explain how to get there, he ran through a history of policing tech.

The show began with a white-jacketed captain, who announced he had traveled back in time from the year 2055, where lethal force has been eliminated and police are respected and loved by their communities.

New features can be developed to increase community involvement or broaden surveillance powers, all depending on the customer’s need.

In true Apple fashion, that’s also come with an aggressive marketing push.

"When we arrived last year it went from, 'maybe this is interesting,' to 'we're doing it.' It's just a question of when." That interest has been enough to draw outsiders into the game.

On the first day of the conference, Motorola announced that body cameras would be built into its new line of police radios, adding video to one of the most widely used pieces of police equipment in the country.

In December, President Obama called for million to fund body camera systems for local police departments, and while Congress hasn't approved the money yet, many police departments aren't waiting.

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