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If we don’t make money, they starve, so life is hard for women.” … Kim gets up at each morning to feed the animals she sells, and also brews alcohol illegally.

Every minute of the day is spent figuring out how to feed her family, including an adult son and daughter whose state-run jobs do not provide enough to live on.

We do not even have good data on prostitution arrests, which would certainly understate the actual size of the industry.

I believe it is fair to assume from the abundance of open sources, however, that prostitution has increased significantly in the DPRK since the arrival of the Arduous March.

“North Koreans don’t take warnings from the regime seriously because they believe that there is no need to report marriage or divorce to the government,” Park said.

8/3 refers to the day in August 1984, when then North Korean heir apparent Kim Jong Il instructed authorities “to use by-products from factories or workplaces to produce daily necessities for people.” The term is changed to sarcastically mean “pseudo” and “fake.” From the interviews I have done with North Korean defectors, I have learned that “8.3” references are a “common” put-down…meaning either “fake” or “low-quality”.

The 105-storey Ryugyong hotel – more than two decades in construction – is finally glass-sheathed and due to open in 2012.

That year will mark the 100th birthday of the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

And an increasing number of women are choosing younger men so that they can have more control in the relationship.” One female North Korean defector in her 30s said, “Even if the authorities tell people not to, men are living with women who are five or six years older, because these women have experience making ends meet.” The number of divorces initiated by women is on the rise as well.

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The regime is threatening to expel divorcees, but to no avail.

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