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After 1838, the premises were used as the borough police station. All Saints parish workhouse stood in a yard at the rear of 38 Sidney Street.

Its date of founding is unknown but is known to have existed by 1773 (Stokes, 1911).

Stocks of wool, flax and other materials were also kept on the premises for providing employment for unemployed textile workers who were not resident in the workhouse. on Sunday; they are likewise allowed fireing in the winter. For men there are three cells at the entrance, each 9 feet by 7½, and near 8 feet high, with straw on the floor.

However, the main use of the establishment became "the confinement of such lewd women as the proctors apprehend in houses of ill fame; though sometimes the Corporation send small offenders thither, and the crier of the town is often there to discipline the ladies of pleasure with his whip." The Cambridge Spinning House.© Peter Higginbotham. A tub serves the purpose of a necessary in these cells.

When auctioned in 1838, the building was described as "a brick and slate dwelling house, with 8 rooms, and a kitchen under; with a yard and shed; situated in Sidney Street." St Andrew's the Great established a workhouse in 1756 in some rented tenements (Stokes, 1911) and in the 1777 parliamentary survey, the parish was reported as having a workhouse for 20 inmates.

Various plans to erecting a new workhouse were made but not implemented until 1829 when a building was erected in St Tibb's Row, St Andrew's Hill, next to the cattle market, and with a large frontage in the Red Lion Yard.

At General Admission and in July Colleges present their graduands on a specific day.Colleges do not necessarily present students to graduate in person at every ordinary Congregation.

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