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05-Nov-2020 19:25

I hurried across the street and entered the hotel, at least I was safe here. My bikini bottom was only a string and I was sure my wetness was on my inner thighs. She was wearing panties and I slipped my fingers down the front. She had a nice room, two double beds, more than adequate. My bikini top was next and when the bottoms hit my ankles I stepped out of them. She did a wolf whistle and dropped to her knees in front of me. I put my arms around her neck as she walked me toward the bed. Janet had a very educated tongue, she ate my pussy in ways I had never been eaten before. My pussy was flooded with my juices, Janet was slurping as she ate my cunt. Marcie's head dropped down as she licked the woman's cunt and sucked on her clit. I saw his ass clench as her shot his cum up into my wife's cunt. Marcie knows I'm here and she want to fuck him again, in front of me. I could see Marcie push and his cum started to flow out. Holly was swirling her tongue around in Marcie's slit. I think she was teasing me by making strings of cum between her tongue and Marcie's cunt.

He had no way of knowing, but if he would have been half a gentleman, he probably would have scored with me. I was of the opinion that Janet was going to get a piece of me this afternoon. We finished our lunches and signed the guest checks. Her tongue found my clit and she was sucking and tickling it. She turned her face to me and said, "Don't even try to get away now Honey, your cunt belongs to me! I wondered if she would like my extremely wet pussy. It didn't take Janet long to give me my first orgasm. Jack and Holly are good at cunnilingus, but Janet had them both beat by a mile. Janet was jamming her fingers hard into me and I screamed into her mouth when I climaxed. I didn't believe the dirty words that Marcie was using. Marcie was looking straight into my eyes when she said, "Javon, are you ready for round two?

This story is about Marcie and her experiences after she caught her husband cheating.

She knew about the cheating before they were married and she had agreed to an open marriage.

My tits weren't the biggest, but their shape was well liked. The areola was peeking out around the top edges of the triangle. I found a nice spot of sand and after spreading my towel out, I laid down. I personally want to fuck Jack and for you and Javon to fuck again. His black cock was disappearing back up into her white cunt. I didn't know whether I should smile or turn around and run. I watched as the black cock slowly appeared and then very slowly disappeared into Marcie's pussy. There was no doubt in my mind this show was all for me. The wet sounds of them fucking and the slap of their skin contacting hard. His cock was huge and it stuck out at a ninety degree angle from his body.I wondered to myself if I should approach her and introduce myself, but decided against it. Seeing me on my back with a big black cock in my pussy should do the trick. Make sure your leg is high, I want Jack to see my tongue in your slit. Jack will be shocked for sure." "Too bad we aren't taping this. "We could call it, 'Wife's Revenge'." "I do have a digital camera that we could leave on the dresser. I poured myself a stiff shot of Crown Royal and downed it. They must have been fucking hard, his black cock was coated with foamy white juice. Marcie started to drop back down on this guy's cock.I turned and walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. Holly would be here also, her role has yet to be determined. I will keep mine high also, do a good job of tonguing me. Not exactly the best, but it could capture most of the action," I said. I just can't believe she can take such a big pole into her.I thought I would go down to the hotel bar and see if there was any action there. She could see into my suite and saw Holly was standing there. Do this a couple more times before you start fucking hard. Mostly chit chatting." "Did she fuck you or did you fuck her? "Thinking of you and her and what you two did on this bed is making me horny. I've never had to pay for a piece of ass and I was not about to start now. She could have had any man she wanted, whenever she wanted. I especially liked the one where I could see the other woman from Marcie's POV. I walked along the beach promenade enjoying the sights.

The bar was empty, so I took another walk along the beach. She knew there was something going on, she gave me a thumbs up. Be very verbal, tell Javon how good his black cock feels in your cunt. I'll get off of Javon's face and that is the signal for you two, to fuck doggy style. I saw the thumbs up after she spotted me in your room." "Yes we had sex. I want to hook you two up, I want to watch the fireworks between you two." Talking to Holly about Janet was changing my mood. Whoever she is, she knows how to eat my wife's pussy. I must have been tired because the next thing I knew, I was awake and the sun was shining. I got out of bed and took a nice long and hot shower. There seemed to be a lot of vacationers on the beach. I heard a woman's voice say, "Come in." My key let me in, I walked through the door and set my suitcase down. There was a naked black man laying on the bed and my Marcie was naked and sitting on his cock. I saw what looked like a black baseball bat slowly withdrawing from her cunt.

The plan involved Javon, Marcie and Holly, to make a threesome. I really missed my wife and I kept begging her to forgive me. The flight to Miami was uneventful except for some woman's whiny cat.