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24-Oct-2020 21:01

BEIJING (Reuters) - About 10 ancient tombs dating back nearly 1,800 years have been destroyed by construction workers building an IKEA branch in Nanjing in southeastern China, a city newspaper said on Tuesday.

Labourers work at the construction site of an IKEA branch in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province, July 3, 2007.

Walkways guiding visitors from one showroom to the next feel more congested than the road outside, and almost all 660 seats in the canteen are occupied.

Yet the lines to the cashiers are refreshingly short - most are not here to shop.

Older people read newspapers or drink tea; younger visitors cuddle or play with their phones. On an average day, the 42,000 square metre store lets 28,000 visitors through its doors - though this day might be particularly busy.

And every day, Jason Zhang, who works in the bed section, patiently wakes up about a hundred of them.

On a king-size bed in the middle of the largest showroom, a little boy wakes from a nap next to his (also sleeping) grandmother.

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REUTERS/Sean Yong The tombs — from the “six dynasties” period from AD 220 to 589 — were uncovered on the outskirts of the ancient capital in Jiangsu province, the Nanjing Morning Post said.

The exception is a young woman who elbows her disinterested boyfriend: "Look, he's peeing into a bottle! After a few, rare clear days, the city's notorious heavy smog has returned, and is made worse by a sticky, dusty heat wave striking northern China.