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First let's look at an outline of some of the major points in this case: None of these points are meant to stand on their own, but collectively they provide a very strong argument against the story of Jesus Christ being based on a real person.

It is important to note that we have one, and only one, source of information about the life of Jesus and that is the Christian Gospels.

The secular historical view, which may also be held by some Christians, takes the Gospels as exaggerated accounts of the life of a real Jesus.

The secular historical view basically starts with the Gospels and then removes the fantastic or "supernatural" claims in the Gospels and accepts what is left as history.

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study ON is also available for select HSC subjects as a standalone purchase.The secular historical view tends to minimize the role of Jesus in the region, stating instead that he was barely noticed by others. At no point has anyone (that we know of) really known who wrote any of the Gospels, when they were written, or even where they were written.