Christian perspectives on dating and marriage

29-Oct-2020 09:39

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It's impossible to fall asleep angry when you've just held hands together in God's presence. This might also be described as a time of devotions.

About five years ago my husband and I began setting aside time each weekday morning to read the Bible and pray together—a couple's devotional time.

We read to each other, either from the Bible or from a devotional book, and then we spend a few minutes in prayer together.

We've had to commit to rising from sleep about 30 minutes earlier in order to do this, but it's been a wonderful, intimate time of strengthening our marriage.

I thought it would make sense to stick to the single digits for a post about singles.

I also don’t like odd numbers which is why I stopped at 8. I hope this list to be both encouraging and challenging to those who are struggling and waiting. We all struggle with singleness (unless you just have the miraculous gift of singleness and you know early on).

The Bible says in Hebrews -25, that one of the best ways we can stir up love and encourage good deeds is by remaining faithful to the Body of Christ by meeting together regularly as believers.

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Perhaps a better time for you as a couple might be just before you go to bed each night. Set aside time each day, or at least once a week, to read the Bible together.I do not suggest that there will be no struggle or that no one will know/should know of your struggle.

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