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28-Mar-2020 14:30

Virtual events for a widget, if any, will be listed in the widget's documentation.

Widgets can actually have a number of different event bindings trigger for a single event.

While each master can have only one geometry manager (e.g.

grid), it's entirely possible for different masters to have different geometry managers; while grid is generally used, others may make sense for a particular layout used in one part of your user interface.

In Tk, as in most other user interface toolkits, there is an which receives events from the operating system.

These are things like button presses, keystrokes, mouse movement, window resizing, and so on.

Also, we've been making the assumption that slave widgets are the immediate children of their master in the widget hierarchy.

The first element is the Perl code to be called, while the second array element specifies parameters to pass to that code.While it can be as complex as you want to make it, most times though you'll just want your callback to call some other procedure.

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