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21-Sep-2019 14:31

It’s important for couples to discuss strategies for dealing with arguments before a disagreement arises, says Van Der Zwet Stafford.

“There’s reluctance from couples to revisit these issues when times are good because they don’t want to upset the apple cart.

When you and your partner enter into a disagreement, it’s important to realize that you have each other’s best interests at heart.

“[Your partner] may not agree with what you’re saying at the moment, but they’re not maliciously out to get you,” says Van Der Zwet Stafford.

“Be clear on what you’re arguing about,” says Van Der Zwet Stafford.

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“It’s rare to have a couple that doesn’t disagree at some point,” says Kevin Van Der Zwet Stafford, executive director of the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.She can be seen swinging her fists at the man as he holds a beer and a carryout container. Baytown police officers said the people in the video are a couple.They identified them as Garett Wilder, 26, and his girlfriend, Brittany Farber, 24.If you have children, make sure they’re at school, asleep or in a different part of the house before engaging in a disagreement.

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Van Der Zwet Stafford says that he mostly sees two types of arguing styles in his therapy practice: people who need to time and space before dealing with an issue and those who need to discuss the situation right away.One of the biggest mistakes couples make in arguing is that they don’t stay on track, Van Der Zwet Stafford says.

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