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A 25-year-old man claiming to be carrying a bomb attempted to hijack a flight and force his way into the plane's cockpit, before other passengers wrestled him to the ground.

Images from inside Malaysia Airlines flight MH128, travelling from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, show flight staff using makeshift handcuffs to restrain the attacker and keep him pressed to the ground.

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Passengers then confronted the man and tackled him down to the ground, allowing the pilot to make a dramatic u-turn back to Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport.The Malaysian Government claimed the suspicious object the man was holding was likely a powerbank used to charge mobile phones.'It is believed that the suspect is a Sri Lankan national, and that he was drunk,' Malaysia’s Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Seri Aziz Ab Kaprawi told The Star.After making an emergency landing the plane sat on the tarmac with passengers still on board for more than two hours.Most people use the vending machine as a way of satisfying some of their guiltier pleasures.

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