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However, Casablancas tends to cling to others and prevent them from changing.

A great deal of physical affection, closeness and touching is crucial to Julian's well-being, and he has a tendency to overindulge in sensual comforts and pleasures.

having to give something up to be with the one he loves, or having to relinquish a person or an aspect of an important love relationship.

Julian Casablancas is extremely amorous and it is difficult for him to go without romantic relationships for very long.

His mood tends to change quickly, though, depending on the response Julian receives from others.

Julian Casablancas possesses the gifts of tact, courtesy and consideration, and has a strong desire to please and understand his love partner.

Casablancas depends a great deal upon other people for emotional support and he has a large "family" of friends who care about him and treat him as kin.When he is attracted to someone, Julian Casablancas pursues her very ardently and sometimes comes on too strong.Being engaged in creative or artistic work can also satisfy his very strong desire for love and beauty.Because he values harmony so highly, Julian Casablancas will compromise a great deal to avoid any discord or conflict in his relationships.

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Julian does not like to dwell on controversial or emotional subjects and often tries to "smooth things over" or "sweep them under the rug".

Even-tempered and peace loving, he is not easily ruffled and is rarely given to emotional displays.

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