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A number of Vulcans and Vulcan ships rebelled against the Terran Empire, but by 2267, their attempts seem to have been unsuccessful.

By that time, however, it appeared that Vulcans, such as Spock, were treated with more respect and feared by some Terrans.

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(") In the 22nd century, the Vulcan High Command, once in charge only of space exploration and planetary defense, gained much more control over civilian affairs.

The Terrans stormed the T'Plana-Hath and studied Vulcan technology.

Eventually, the Vulcans were conquered by the Terran Empire.

These tensions came to a head in a crisis called the Vulcan Reformation, which resulted in the overthrow of the High Command (and its leader, V'Las, who was secretly allied with the Romulans), and a restructuring of the Vulcan government under the leadership of Kuvak and T'Pau.

One of the first acts of the new government was to end the policy of holding back Human expansion into the galaxy.(") Despite the enmity between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, some Vulcans attempted to forge a more cordial relationship with their cousins, ultimately hoping to reunify the two cultures. (") History turned out much differently for the Vulcans of the mirror universe.

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