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28-Sep-2020 12:56

Behind her is a spiral microchip, gold like Monroe’s dress, covered in pink, purple and green ribbons, which are being sucked into a black hole at the spiral’s centre.Monroe is being pulled into this digital vortex, too, and judging by her open-mouthed smile, she seems ready or excited for whatever awaits her on the other side. The blurb reads: Gersh: Let’s go someplace quiet honey … Geekgirl: It’s not all I need : )And so begins Australian Carol Parker’s long and torrid journey into the world of cybersex, a world that will eventually take over her marriage, her work and most of her waking life….

Next door is King of Yiros, a Greek café; the owners keep a budgie in a cage out the front, and it screams at anyone walking past.That simple ‘Hello’ might have been around the world before finding its way to a particular computer, say, in Pennsylvania.

Tegan and Sara are a Canadian indie rock/indie pop duo formed in 1995 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin (both born September 19, 1980).… continue reading »

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I actually try very hard never to think of someone else as "pathetic." I feel as though the god of patheticness (I know it's not an official word) will come down and visit it's vengeance upon me, if I did.… continue reading »

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