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The most recent document appears at the top of the page and the date of each file is returned in the results.

Results that do not contain dates are displayed at the end and are sorted by relevance.

You do not need to include "and" between the terms.

For example, to search for engineering product specification documents, type the following: The search appliance uses sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search.

Make sure you include a space before the minus sign.

You can daisy chain a list of words you want to exclude.

To search for documents or items that contain numbers within a range, type your search term and the range of numbers separated by two periods ("..").

All letters, regardless of how you enter them, are handled as lower case.

For example, searches for "george washington," "George Washington," and "George washington" return the same results.

For example, both "10,000" and "10000" are treated alike.

Since the search appliance returns only web pages that contain all of the words in your query, refining or narrowing your search is as simple as adding more words to the search terms you have already entered.

The refined query returns a subset of the pages that were returned by your original broad query.