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24-Nov-2020 16:47

(”If your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life,” this is your site, the homepage cheers.) Populist outrage followed the publication of a credulous profile in the New York Times, and was furthered with the news last week that the DABA girls have signed with big name agencies in Hollywood and New York publishing—United Talent and Janklow Nesbit, respectively.This has, of course, renewed rumors of a book, a movie and maybe even a TV series based on the blog.The venture has sparked a feminist backlash, suspicions of a marketing stunt, and hilarity over accounts of weekends in Europe and opera tickets being traded for gloomy nights at home with anxious bankers who are fixated by TV financial news.“The sitter’s hours are cut, both the family and my private credit card are cut in half, and I’m switching from having my facials and massages in my earthy, yoga-and-wine serving downtown spa to a midtown been-in-business-forever place with ladies in cubbies wearing pink jackets and lots of make-up giving facials only,” says one entry from Cathy, who wrote about life in Manhattan with a banker husband whose income was cut in January by 75 percent.Ryan Tate, writing on, called the women “an imploding caste of spoiled harpies” whose boyfriends and ex-lovers “spent their economic plunder as carelessly as they hoarded it.” Best friends Laney Crowell, a beauty editor, and lawyer Megan Petrus of New York, say they started the site when they realized their FBF’s (finance guy boyfriends) had become emotional trainwrecks due to the collapse of venerable financial institutions.“We felt our relationships were being victimized by the economy ...

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Sounds a lot like legalese—but also creative license.Asked by a Newsweek photographer about the best Wall Street bars to shoot in, she couldn’t name a single one—although maybe she’ll discover them now.Last month, Crowell was canned from the online fashion channel Style Caster because DABA-fever had become a distraction.They don’t fact check the emails, or the gossip, and the posts are embellished and exaggerated for added laughs.

At times, details are plucked from thin air to give the stories a satirical edge.They’re the once-pampered — now highly disgruntled — women partners of U. bankers and they’re speaking out about how the financial meltdown has changed their lives and their relationships.