Dating a female black belt

19-Oct-2019 09:36

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Where there is advanced skill involved, depending on the level of training and experience the martial arts opponent has under his or her belt (pun intended), it could go either way.

However, if the martial arts girl is a highly-skilled professional with advanced training in the martial arts field while the much bigger, taller and stronger guy has no martial arts training or experience at all, THAT HIGHLY-TRAINED FEMALE WOULD CRUSH, KILL AND DESTROY HER MUCH BIGGER, TALLER AND STRONGER MALE OPPONENT!!! Anonymous Yes, if the martial arts girl is a has advanced training and a lot of martial arts skills, while the much bigger, taller and stronger guy has no martial arts training or experience it wouldn't even be a contest. She could choose to end the fight in seconds or play with him for minutes, but there is no way she would lose.

Rosemary Let's take an actual match beteen my wife and I. We wrestle about twice a week for an hour as foreplay.

I usually win a couple falls in the first 15 minutes.

Gino I fought a black belt yesterday who thought she was all that at the gym and wiped the floor with her no contest.

She then cried and went to the mall because girls shop when depressed lol.

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My girlfriend tried this on her boyfriend who played college basketball and he totally kicked her ass.

I could give you a million examples butt one will make my point.

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