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'We won't be able to provide any individually identifying information,' Hradsky said. That's why we were able to tell you that (Theta Tau) was expelled.It does apply to individuals.'He said officials will be meeting with some of the 18 as early as Monday to see if they can agree on a suggested punishment, or take the case to a student conduct board. Once they get an engineering job it was a blip in their college careers.'Alternative class and study arrangements will be made for these students as the judicial process moves forward.'Maldonado said more students could be implicated as the investigation continues.Syracuse Dean of Students Robert Hradsky told that the school won't be able to identify the students involved in the video because of federal privacy laws.The more organizations you can get in where they’re going to empower, I think it puts you on a trajectory that's closest to your best self.”When Homer and Guy met, they were 22 and 29, respectively, but their nearly eight-year age difference was never an issue for either of them.After Homer completed his initiation requirements to join Delta Phi Upsilon, he started to text Guy informing him of his romantic interest.

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“When I came into the gay community here in Houston, the chapter had a strong presence in the community.”“I wanted to join an organization where I can be comfortable with my actual sexuality.

Guy, a business professional and Delti Phi Upsilon veteran, was assigned to be Homer’s mentor during the pledging process.