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07-Nov-2020 22:54

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He likes a routine and tends to be less flexible than men of other zodiac signs.You shouldn’t expect him to drop everything and go on a wild zany escapade with you. Many women find themselves drawn to the creative, dynamic Gemini man.You’ll find some zodiac signs tend to like art museums while others like kayaking more. Always keep the atmosphere romantic and comfortable.

But star signs are the single most determinant facet of the astrological chart.

If you are looking for a rebound relationship, an Aquarius man is just right for you, for instance. He wants to be the Romeo to your Juliet which can make you exhausted. Possessive women tend to have problems with Aries men. To keep an Aries man, you have to be a constant challenge for him. Give him the thrill of having to try all of the time. Also, you should avoid flirting with the other men in the room as this will make your guy sulk.

But, that would be a bad choice if you are ready to settle down. He can become quite grumpy if he feels like you are not living up to his idealistic view of you. You should never give him a reason to question your loyalty.

Their ruling planet is Mercury which is the planet of communication.

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They love the written word and appreciate women who can communicate.

The Cancer man is the Zodiac man most likely to like long walks on the beach by moonlight. He attracts women in hoards with his exuberance and confidence. He’s a career man who wants to provide for his family. You should not refrain from showing and expressing your feelings. Play good music, light scented candles, and serve a good Champagne. Pay special attention to what he is wearing and complement him on it. Similarly, stay away from violent or sudden outbursts. He is full of passion and power which is an aphrodisiac to many women. A Scorpio man is happiest with a supportive, adoring woman. He will never forget and never forgive you if you do. However, a self absorbed woman does not do well with a Scorpio man over the long run as he needs the attention to be on himself. You should let him discover you rather than pursuing him yourself. When conversing with the Sagittarius man, listen to him. He has enormous potential, but it often goes unfulfilled.