Dating a more educated woman

23-Mar-2020 19:05

There’s nothing more annoying than a nosy friend or relative asking when you’re going to get engaged, shack up, tie the knot, or start popping out some kids.At times it’s hard not to feel like you’re on some stereotypical timeline that you can’t adjust or rearrange as you see fit.

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There's no doubt your level of maturity could be a factor here, but education plays a role, too.

Meanwhile, women under 24 are least likely to marry live-in partners and most likely to break up with them after three years.

Plus, women who were engaged prior to moving in together or who saw cohabitation as a definite step toward marriage were more likely to end up in stable marriages.

Putting off marriage until after you've received a college degree makes you less likely to divorce than less-educated couples, according to a 2013 study.

So it seems that marrying later in life—at least after college—may be beneficial.

But lately, we’ve been seeing more celebs tossing the timeline out the window.