Dating a soldier disaster story

25-Jun-2020 22:52

Britain’s most senior officer in Afghanistan, Lt-Gen James Bucknall, said recently that Nato troops need two more fighting seasons to suppress the Taliban. The Prime Minister confirmed he had bowed to the Army’s wishes.

‘You’ve got an enduring number of 9,500 this year and you’re not going to see a radical change for the fighting season of next year. We won’t be here in large numbers or in a combat role,’ he said.‘It is my judgment that it’s right for the British public to know, for the Afghan public to know and the Afghan and British military to know that there is an endpoint.’ Asked if the generals had won, a senior officer said last night: ‘We have.

You know that it is impractical to expect that from or this Rabbi, which is why you wrote on this discussion board to begin with. You obviously do not want to do that (and I don't blame you or judge you for that, change is hard! Where and how exactly have any of the people or the story itself been "verified" ?? How would one distinguish a true story from one that was made up out of pure imagination if not for external corroboration of some kind? Someone went to the trouble of making a video with clips and special effects and you're claiming the Rabbi who made it and Aish can't be bothered to verify its authenticity? Where are links to the articles which most assuredly would have covered such an unlikely story? Attacking me for pointing out the obvious is unbecoming. You cant just copy what I say- what kind of a comeback is that?

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It is also near the much fought over village of Kopak, in the south of the Nahr-e-Saraj district, which stands on the Shamalan canal.Mergers and acquisitions, questions over suitable advertising, debates about the shape of our bottles, and the emergence of microbreweries -- these are just a few fascinating topics in Canadian brewing history.