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11-Sep-2019 00:42

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Known as the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement, New York City is the world mecca for LGBTQ nightlife (don’t @ me).

Nightclubs, dive bars, quirky neighborhood joints, traditional spots, and unlikely venues make up the city’s queer going-out scene, with dozens of attendant events and pop-up parties further enriching the landscape.

The cool downtown crowd livens up with the occasional drag performance or DJ set.

Happy hour specials ( Bud Light from 4-8pm) make this a solid pregame spot, especially since you might end up right back here at the end of the night.

And they are, after all, Manhattan’s only truly lesbian bars.

This may not be the best Therapy for social anxiety, but if you’re soothed by Absolut-forward cocktails in plastic cups and hundreds of sweaty guys pressed up against you, start your treatment at this HK lounge.

It’s easy to hang here and do little more than swipe through dating apps with a can of PBR, but queer comedy, karaoke nights, and drag shows provide low-key entertainment.

Phoenix endures as a top spot to meet Tinder dates, assemble your crew, or just dance your work week worries away at a Friday night party.

Each night presents the nearly impossible challenge of where to party, drink it out, or just relax.

Greenwich Village is famed for its high concentration of gay bars, but a combination of rising rents, decreasing stigmas, and increased diversity in the LGBTQ scene has laid the foundation for unique gay bars to become neighborhood staples citywide.

"I guess my involvement into the dating community started out of frustation from being in my late 20s and not being able to meet the amount of women I really wanted to.

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I promised myself I would do anything to get this fear of approaching women resolved.

on Twitter), this club is the second and final relic of Manhattan’s lesbian going-out scene.