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's an old hutch style soda from Mokelumne Hill, Ca. This old town is in Calaveras County over near Jamestown, Sonora, San Andreas, and Angels Camp, and Toulumne Cal. It is a very old mining town dating back to the start of the Gold Rush and was founded by a group of miners from Oregon.

It has been written that by 1850 t were 15,000 people living in this town and t was so much gold that the miners were at one time restricted to claims of 16 sq ft.

Around 1873 they began listing two addresses: 436 First Avenue and 860 Broadway and by 1877 they had dropped the Walker name and the business was renamed Carl H Schultz.

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This bottle is from around the 1890s and is a nice example.portal to the Hutchinson bottle database, the heart of Hutch!Gathering data to build and open this huge database to the public was over 36 years in the making.It was blown in a 4 pc mold and is embossed very strongly on the front with large letters, MOKELUMNE HILL SODA WORKS . For accuracy the is a little casewear on 4 of the letters, most noticeable on the O in Works, not destracting to the overall appearance of the bottle, just mentioned for accuracy.

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The glass is clean overall with a little bit of washable dirt (not stain) on the inside, t is a little whittle in the shoulder area, and one of the mold seams is crude and you can see w glass leaked out of the seam on the side. Winner to pay 6.50 shipping and pay by check or m.o.In addition to acknowledging those of us who have worked on this initiative since its founding by Joe Nagy in 1976, we extend a major THANK YOU to the Hutchinson Specialists, Hutchinson Bottle Collectors' Association members, and all others who have contributed time, energy, and bottle data to bring this dream to fruition. Many conventional books are outdated before they complete the printing process and the ink has dried. Not only is site content constantly changing, If you are seeking information about one or more of the 19,900 Hutchinson bottles catalogued thus far, the Hutchinson Search page is your doorway to accessing the database.

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