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Unfortunately the authors are wrong about the live hookup.The telecast was received via satellite at Carnarvon, north of Perth, and then beamed to Perth over an ad hoc network specifically constructed to carry the moonwalk live to western Australia.This is how Bennett and Percy deftly attempt to patch up the first large hole in Una Ronald's story, namely that she had to "stay up" to watch the moonwalk live.

We bring up these inconsistencies to show that Aulis authors simply pick and choose the parts of her story they present as credible evidence, and pass over the parts that don't add up.

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's has angered customers by ditching Classic Coke from its £3 meal deals, blaming price rises in the wake of the new sugar tax.

It has dropped 500-mililitre bottles of the cola from the lunchtime promotion, altering shoppers with shelf stickers.

I think you'll agree that sugar free drinks taste disgusting and don't help with weight loss at all.'Another customer devantekid added: 'I don't want to be FORCED to drink #cokezero because you have excluded original #cocacola from your #mealdeal.

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It's a struggle to pick a decent sandwich and now COKE?

Then we discuss the authors' summer 2003 response to the points we and others have raised.