Dating ex wifes cousin

04-Jun-2020 22:16

To go broke raising someone else's kid just to have them go back to him is ****. It's OK for her to have a relationship with her natural father..a point. Neither you or your wife should have to look at him. I too have become obsessed with details and everytime I ask, I feel worse. Please let me know if there is a remedy as I do love my wife too much to fathom living without her. People on here ( and other forums) thinks it's crazy and it's just a " get over it" thing. No one would have this problem if it were that easy. But it could be worse...could be someone you know personally or someone she works with etc... I just keep going and suffering with it as I believe millions do. You may eventually move on but it'll always be in the back or your mind. You have to realize that at one point you didn't know each other and its more than obvious that now you care for her so it bothers even more. I looked for helpand even went to a therapist (waste) and managed to get by. She has never cheated on me and sure as hell I would never allow contact with an ex. @ Snake187 - A great I agree with totally. We may be able do deal with's not something we can control.

I do feel your pain though just b thankful you don't have a kid in your house with her exes face plastered on it If she's 27 she's old enough to respect you and have separate "functions" with her natural dad. I feel so insecure especially since this is not a man I would look at twice in the street. If she cheated on you only 4 moths after marrying you why are you still with her ? it's something people can't help and some learn to deal with it and get over it somewhat. The sooner you stop judging right from wrong the sooner you will feel better and at the end you won because you married the love of your life. but being right doesn't automatically make it happen... I was open about my hurt and feelings and have always tried to be open and understanding( wife fully aware of my angst). I DON'T KNOW if she ever think about her past, she sure as hell does not bring it up. It is always a work in progress and do what works for you but as I search for an answer, I am pretty sure there is none. Some really suffer a lot to the point their quality of life is diminished. I'm encouraged by your post and hope you continue to do well.

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She apologised to me for taking the man in my car but she said she had no choice as he had to escort his wife (my wifes cousin) to the hospital. The fact that she deceived you about it would be the most concern i'd think. I believe my wife is loyal to me and has been since we were married.

I was really upset about that and in our talks i asked my wife if she also had sex with this guy, at first she said no but the more I asked her she became silent about it. Secondly, the issue that he'll always be hanging around is a tough one. She thinks it's no big deal if she sees past lovers.

Once you've dumped your boyfriend/girldriend/fiance/fiancee it's none of your business who chooses to fall in love with him or her.

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