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07-Mar-2020 09:55

If you do speak a little Japanese or show up with a Japanese guy you will have a better chance, but still don’t count on it.As a gaijin your best chance is to Google ‘escorts in Fukuoka’ or ‘massage in Fukuoka’ or ‘delivery health service in Fukuoka.’ Remember that prostitution is kind of sort of legal here.As is standard when it comes to Japan this post about finding girls for sex in Fukuoka comes with some caveats.If you are a foreigner (known as gaijin) reading this then things won’t be as easy for you.Many girls here will be trying to learn English but will be a lot better at reading and writing than speaking it.That means if you send them a message on a dating site they may reply, but if you walk up to them in a mall they may be too shy to try.Well, when we say that we mean it won’t be as easy for you to pay for sex in Fukuoka as it will for a Japanese guy.The prostitution scene in this country is very xenophobic and they make it hard for gaijin to get service.

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Sadly if you are a gaijin you will not be allowed inside many of the places here.Not only will this impress the non pro girls but it may open some doors for you when trying to pay for sex as well.We will start this Fukuoka sex guide off with mongering and then move on to meeting girls in public and also the best Japanese dating site.However if you put in some effort finding a sex massage isn’t that hard.

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Meeting single girls in Fukuoka can be done in a variety of ways, of course the more Japanese you speak the easier it will be.

With that said, when it comes to picking up local girls it may not be that difficult.