Dating hockey player rule

30-Nov-2020 23:31

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When selecting your team policies, it’s reasonable for you to ask what these should and should not cover.

Examples of respectful behavior in sport include using considerate language and nonverbal body language even when you are angry or disappointed, walking away from confrontation during a game, speaking respectfully (e.g., without sarcasm or profanity) even when you are provoked, accepting victory and defeat without disparaging your opponents, and accepting officials’ decisions without argument.

When selecting your policies, consider the importance of each of these factors relative to your situation.

For example, if you coach a team that travels often, you will need a detailed section on behavior on the road.

So, it is essential to carefully plan and develop your team policies and rules.

We encourage you to develop team policies and rules that cover important aspects of behavior and organizational issues that might affect how your team functions.You cannot legislate every aspect of your athletes’ behavior, nor would you want to be responsible for enforcing such restrictions!

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