Dating in the dark on demand

09-May-2020 01:47

“The other thing is, technology is moving so quickly that now, people are no longer buying stuff from stores offline,” Hnetinka said. We look and see, what’s not needed is to power offline stores online.

What’s needed is dark stores.” Right now, a lot of startups and companies are caught up with powering offline stores online, with the exception of Amazon, Hnetinka said.

“So, you either sell through Amazon or you don’t have fast delivery if you’re a direct to consumer e-commerce company.” But, I wondered why e-commerce, direct-to-consumer brands just use Amazon.

Well, for one, brands are at risk of losing brand equity because Amazon doesn’t give much screen real estate to brands sold on its platform.

We didn’t think it would be beneficial to become experts in fulfillment services, and we were happy to partner with people who are, in order to offer same-day delivery.” To date, Darkstore has raised 0,000 from Gary Fritz, the former president of

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“That’s where we got the idea to exploit excess capacity and not build the dark stores themselves.” the mission was to use stores as warehouses, which Hnetinka now says was a stop-gap.

At the time, Hnetinka and the Wun Wun team were very tied to that mission.

In hindsight, Hnetinka says he has realized that it’s important to look further ahead and know that the mission can change because of something like the market landscape changing, with several other players coming in and raising a boatload of cash, like Postmates, Uber RUSH and Instacart.

“Uber is the largest transportation company that doesn’t own a car Airbnb is the largest hospitality business that doesn’t own a hotel,” Hnetinka said.

“We’re not going to take on real estate leases and we’re not going to run these warehouses ourselves, so we want to be the largest fulfillment company that doesn’t own a fulfillment center.” Darkstore doesn’t charge brands anything to store inventory, but charges 3% per item that leaves Darkstore, with a minimum of and a maximum of .“Our customers wanted faster delivery, and we’re excited to be working with Darkstore in order to provide them with the best experience,” Tuft & Needle co-founder John Thomas Marino said via email.