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04-Sep-2020 13:10

’ Both Sarah and Chad reply ‘No’, before Sarah adds: ‘It’s not like that.’ ‘I mean it’s on camera.People were talking about it, if it happened it happened,’ she points out.It comes after Sarah revealed the morning after she locked lips with Chad that she was keen to ‘draw a line’ under it, especially given that she’d been dating someone on the outside for four weeks before entering the house.However, she admitted that she ‘didn’t know’ what would happen and would have to ‘wait and see’.‘That was just a different, I don’t know, I’ve just got to maintain some decorum while I’m in the house and respect other people.’ Chad doesn’t seem to understand the word Sarah’s just used and asks: ‘Maintain some what?’ Sarah then repeats ‘Decorum’ as Brandi nods and looks on.

It doesn't help that the father-in-law is played by Danny Trejo in his typical "tough angry Latino" role.

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