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09-Dec-2020 00:32

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We’ll then recap with some general tips for avoiding scams on Craigslist.Some general tips for identifying and avoiding scams (over email) are also available in our Phishing Scams and Advance-Fee Fraud articles.Therefore, it takes a rather hands-off approach to business deals, leaving them up to the buying and selling parties involved to work things out.This, sadly, makes scams and other fraudulent activity easier through Craigslist than through more conventional shopping websites.Fortunately, if you know what to look for, you can avoid most scammers and only deal with people who are looking to buy or sell fairly.Below are some common types of scams on Craigslist, along with how they work and/or why they’re likely scams.Unfortunately, not everyone on Craigslist buys or sells with honest intentions.

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The fact that they ask for money back means that the check or money order will almost always be fake.

They may also (falsely) claim that you need to provide them with a confirmation code so that they can accept the money from you.

WHY IT’S (LIKELY) A SCAM: Almost everyone on Craigslist who asks you to pay for items through money orders is a scammer.

Not only will this let the person basically steal your money, but it also may get you in trouble with the law, as the bank will hold YOU responsible for trying to cash a fake check.

Also, it is almost never a good idea to send out personal information over email, especially to someone whom you barely know or have never met in person.HOW IT WORKS: A person looking to sell or rent you an expensive item asks you to wire a money order to them in order to pay for it.

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