Dating my boyfriends brother

17-Jun-2020 10:24

There may be tension in their relationship now, but something like this could push that tension to the next level, and create a rift that’s unlikely to mend. We don’t see any sort of special circumstance applying here, and in addition, it’s WAY too soon.

That said, we do think he’s into you, although he’s very conflicted, as he should be.

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If we’re sitting in the vestibule of a restaurant, waiting for our table to be prepared, there’s simply no reason to be rubbing my sister’s shoulders incessantly.

Sure, it sucks when you’re on the outside looking in, but you maintain that faith knowing one day the tables will turn – and somebody will be dating your sister, and buying you ice cream.

Of all the picky, nonsensical criteria I’ve come up with inside my head regarding any prospective boyfriends for my sister – one thing’s for certain. As long as she’s happy, and she’s got nothing to complain about, he’ll probably be A-OK with me. You can rest assured that all I’ll go Sonny Corleone on that piece of sh*t, with metal garbage cans and all 150 lbs of my existence.

The way I see it, if some random stranger happened to step to the two of them while waiting outside for a cab or something, I need to rest assured that her boyfriend will defend her, or at least threaten a lawsuit, in the face of danger.

It’s imperative that any dude who likes my sister, also likes sports – so we have something to talk about at the dinner table. I think he's "cool." [This is when 75 percent of people stop reading article.] However, for a guy who’s going to be dating my sister, I’m thinking more along the lines of an anti-Justin Bieber. I don't want to see other dudes in my home past midnight, on a Tuesday (cue ILove Makonnen voice).Another thing I am unable to wrap my head around is that he got upset when I told him I mentioned to his brother, my ex, that he friended me on Facebook and messaged me a few times. ” (He tells me he just doesn’t want anyone knowing his business and thinks his brother would be mad if he knew we were talking.) I told him his brother didn’t say much. Please forgive me.” I asked what happened but he didn’t give me an answer other than he had very personal things to deal with.