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08-Feb-2020 14:35

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One of the best ways to deal with rejection is to feel good about yourself.

If you’re comfortable in your skin, authentic when you go on dates, certain in the knowledge that what is meant for you won’t pass you by then rejection will be accepted as part of the dating process.

It’s a wonder that anyone ever finds a partner that fulfils all these criteria and when the feeling is mutual it’s a cause for celebration.

This is why love is so treasured, sought after and can seem so difficult to find.

The unfortunate fact is that it’s often part of the course in the world of online dating and the better you’re able to deal with it, the more successful and enjoyable the dating process is going to be for you.

When someone rejects you it can be hard not to take it personally.

When someone rejects you it’s because you aren’t the right fit for them, not because there’s anything wrong with you.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be perfect for someone else.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... What's it like being the biggest liar in the world?