Dating rolex with serial numbers

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You can find your serial and model number at the positions shown below (as per the photos) if you do not hold the any certification for the watch as not all pre-owned watches have the original paperwork for various reasons.To check the serial and model you may wish to consult a watch technician or even at the point of sale for the seller to identify the model and serial number on the watch to you, as to check this against the original Rolex certificate or authenticity certificate provided by the seller.The serial number chart is a good guide in checking the date of the watch, and by this we mean confirmation of the year of production when the watch was registered at Rolex from the point of manufacture.

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The hallmark on each watch case comprised three parts; a standard mark, giving the purity of the metal (silver, 9/14/18/22 carat gold), the assay office mark (where it was hallmarked) and the date letter (the year it was assayed).

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The importance of the serial and model number identification system is that when buying any Rolex watch, you are confident in ensuring that the watch you are buying is correct to the year and model being sold by the seller.

The reference or model number of a Rolex is located between the lugs at the 12' position.

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It is also listed on the certificates Rolex issues.From 2010, Rolex stopped following any sequential numbering system or order altogether and now Rolex engraves its watches with a randomized, and unique identifying letter and number.