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It’s really convenient that Yakuts live in Siberia; stuff keeps, including biological remains (the paper has some photos which show corpses in a state of decomposition, but still definitely recognizable).We might never be able to do anything similar to explore the Bantu expansion because the local conditions don’t favor preservation (the same issue may explain why East Africa has been a goldmine of palaeoanthropology, while West and Central Africa has not).Citation: BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010, doi:10.1186/1471-2148-10-25 * The fact that some children adopted as infants from Korea or India into American families wish to refamiliarize themselves with “their culture” does remind us that people tend connect to the two.But this is a matter of human values and psychology, not necessity due to a genuine connection (unless you believe in metagenetics).Furthermore, mt DNA data showed that intermarriages between the first settlers with Evenks women led to the establishment of genetic characteristics during the 15th century that are still observed today.Presumably they focused on Y and mt DNA for ease of analysis and extraction.

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But with nomadism there came to be the possible of leap-frogging and transplantation of cultures and populations at great distances.

Genetically the Yakuts are a hybrid population, but culturally they are Turkic. Ashkenazi Jews and many Latin Americans exhibit the same disjunction between genetic admixture, and relative dominance of particular cultural forms as opposed to synthesis.

Part of the issue here is that biological and cultural evolution operate differently, with the latter being far more flexible and unconstrained by the inheritance modes imposed by DNA and sexual reproduction.* The Yakuts also may serve as an example of a particular mode of long distance gene flow which was possible only with the rise of horses.

Direct access to ancient genetic data from these molecular markers combined with the archaeological evidence, demographical studies and comparisons with 166 contemporary individuals from the same location as the frozen bodies, helped us to clarify the microevolution of this intriguing population.

Conclusion We were able to trace the origins of the male lineages to a small group of horse-riders from the Cis-Baikal area.Let me quote the author’s conclusion: We were able to demonstrate that the Yakutian population formed before the 15th century, from a small group of settlers from the Cis-Baïkal region and a small number of women from different South Siberian origins.

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