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The other good tip is look on the back of the photos for the developer's mark, they should not all be the same, nor the film from the same photo house, if you buy an album, and the guy is, say campaigning for years at a time, he will have gone to different parts of the Reich to process his film, therefore having different shapes of prints, variations in gloss, and photo edges.You could easily ask the seller to take pictures of the rear to see these variations.Is there any way of checking the authenticity other than by knowing that a photo has already been in a book?I ask this as a fair chunk of the photos shown on this thread seem to be from ebay. Ebay is not my only source of photos but when I do use them I look for a common theme, like one bloke turning up again and again, I lean towards personal albums of ordinary soldiers so the material is not so likely to be copied, ie pictures that are not likely to be published in books for their, at times, mediocre or common subject matter.Earlier cards were called ‘Private Mailing Cards.’ Only the address was allowed to be written on the back of the card during Post Card Era. Divided Back Era ( ) Postcards with a divided back began March 1 1907.

As with all photographs, if you examine the images under strong magnification the you’ll see no dot or other printed ink patterns.Dating Real Photo Postcards In the United States real photo postcards originated in 1901.