Dating war com banned

09-Nov-2019 01:42

Still, Australian censors thought that this game would act as a gateway to the righteous world of tagging, so it was never rated.

Good thing too, or we'd want to be like the Lone Wanderer and hang with Sister M. In its day, Witcher 2 was refused a rating in the land down under for going down under. Specifically, the issue was a scene where sex is used as a reward for Geralt completing a quest, which he can choose whether or not to accept.Finally, a game that wasn't banned over political outrage. While in many places this was met with newscaster pearl-clutching and adolescent fist-pumps, the ladies' "kissing and caressing" translated to "gratuitous sex" in Singapore, which barred it from release. Originally, it went through because the nation didn't have a proper video game rating system, making it harder to judge degrees of debauchery.However, when the ban resulted in backlash, officials used the country's movie rating system instead, dubbing Mass Effect an M18 and lifting the ban only a few days after setting it. However it turns out that developer Red Barrels actually sent the wrong footage in for classification.

There are skinned people on sticks, piles of dead babies and, every so often, a giant 9ft woman plunges a pick axe into your crotch and you watch the blood spew out from a first person perspective. This, apparently along with inclusion of 'implied sexual violence' tipped the Australian Ratings Board over the edge, prompting it to refuse even handing out the highest R18 level of ratings.Over in Australia, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure was refused classification (i.e.

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